Have you ever been so moved by something that you couldn’t rest until it felt like you had told the world about it? Well, that’s what happened me. My name is Nikki Davis, and I am a photographer in Evansville, IN. I have two beautiful children, but I feel strongly that parents should take an active roll in teaching their children about acts of kindness as well as how our differences are what make us special. This led me to spend the greater part of 2008 photographing over¬†65 families for my Every Child Is Beautiful collection. These images have been used for my first book titled after the project and will be continued to be used for the second book in the series, as well as for photographic exhibits.

I am looking forward to promoting the themes of diversity and encouraging self esteem, particularly amongst children, but that goes for adults, too. I am special, you are special, and your children a special, too! We each have been blessed with unique traits that make us who we are, and I encourage you to help your children explore what makes each of us different and extraordinary.

Check out our book for sale through Viovio. All proceeds from the book are going to benefit Easter Seals Southwestern Indiana! And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any further information. We would also love for you to become a fan on Facebook.


Thank you for your support, and warmest regards,

Nikki Davis

author and photographer


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